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Ajwain Honey 1 Kg - Niyamaya

Ajwain Honey 1 Kg - Niyamaya
Ajwain Honey 1 Kg - Niyamaya
Ajwain Honey 1 Kg - Niyamaya
Ajwain Honey 1 Kg - Niyamaya
Ajwain Honey 1 Kg - Niyamaya
Ajwain Honey 1 Kg - Niyamaya
Ajwain Honey 1 Kg - Niyamaya
Ajwain Honey 1 Kg - Niyamaya
Ajwain Honey 1 Kg - Niyamaya
The Ajwain Plant Has A Lot Of Significance In Ayurveda. From Its Leaves To Seeds And Flowers Hold Medicinal Value. Ajwain Honey Is Highly Recommended To Cure Stomach Ailments. This Honey Is A Rare Find Which When Added To Delicacies, Especially Savory Dishes, Gives Health Benefits Like Managing Chronic Asthma, Cold As Well As Seasonal Allergies.
Country of OriginIndia
BenefitsThe Ajwain plant has a lot of significance in Ayurveda. From its leaves to seeds and flowers hold medicinal value. And the same is carried to honey made from the nectar of Ajwain flower blooms.
Cure Stomach Ailments: Ajwain honey is highly recommended to cure stomach ailments. It helps cure indigestion and stomach ache. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in managing acid reflux and bloating.
Manage Asthma: Because the Ajwain flower blooms only once a year and for a short duration during which the bees forage the herbs for nectar, Ajwain honey is a rare find which when added to delicacies, especially savory dishes, gives health benefits like managing chronic asthma, cold as well as seasonal allergies.
Diabetes and Menses: This dark antioxidant-loaded honey helps in diabetes as well as helps women with their discomfort during menses.
Heals Skin: It is rich in Vitamin E and helps in treating skin disorders like pigmentation, acne, eczema, dry lizard skin, or ichthyosis as well as helps remove dark circles when applied on the skin.
Ingredients100 % Natural Honey
Shelf Life24 Months
HighlightsFloral Source: Unifloral, Single Origin
Aroma: Ajwain honey is subtly aromatic with a complex herbal and slightly medicinal aroma.
Taste: Ajwain honey has a strong taste note. It has an intense herbal flavor. It has multiple layers of flavors that can be experienced in multiple tasting. It has a slightly longer finish and you can sense a change in flavor with duration as you swirl it around your mouth.
Color: Ajwain honey is a dark honey variant. It may have burnt amber to a slight mahogany shade. Some seasons also see a red wine like tint but mostly, Ajwain honey has an intense dark resinous look.
Consistency: Smooth Thin.
Nectar and Flower: Ajwain blossoms are also called carom seeds, caraway, or bishop’s weed. They are small umbrella-like clusters of delicate white flowers. Every inch of the plant is loaded with health benefits. This annual herb blooms from the onset of spring to the beginning weeks of summer.
Location: Ajwain is cultivated in Rajasthan and Gujrat. It is an adaptable plant that can weather wide climatic conditions but loves moderately cool and dry climate. Due to these features, Ajwain honey is available year round. Our honey is sourced mostly from Rajasthan and parts of Gujrat.
Standard ConversionsLength : 1 Inch = 2.54 cms, 1 meter = 100 cm, 1 feet = 30.48 cm, 1 feet = 12 inches
Weight : 1kg = 1000 gms, 1 pound(lbs) = 453.592 gms
Volume : 1 litre = 1000 cc (cubic cm)

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