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16 Sep Indian vs International Brands
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The only constant in life, is change. Likewise, from being a country that used to import most of its goods from other, more developed nations, India has now become one of the countries manufacturing products from globally leading brands! Despite having a top-class market and being the main consume..
15 Aug Changing Eating Habits of Indians
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We can all count ourselves guilty of having savored a quick snack on the go from our favorite food outlet. Be it a rough day after work or a leisurely drive, we love to treat ourselves for the little wins. But have you ever noticed how it actually impacts our lifestyle or thought with serious conc..
25 May Chai ho Jaye
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As Indians, chai is a familiar part of our lives. This aromatic beverage is integrated into most of our day-to-day life, being a popular part of our culture and widely available. Tea also has many favorable health benefits, and some kinds have been proven to have a relaxing and stress-relieving eff..
15 May Honey- The natural sweetner
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These days, most of our daily food routine includes honey in some form, sometimes in tea, with a slice of bread, or otherwise. This syrupy golden liquid is an ancient sweetener used as an alternative to sugar, made with the natural process. Industries have been producing sugars and various similiar ..
15 Apr Organic Living
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In this time and age, we have all heard about the boom in popularity and consumption of organic foods. Claimed to be highly beneficial to health and environment-friendly superfoods, organic products have lately become widely available in most food stores and vegetable markets. This trend seems as if..
15 Mar Importance of Small manufacturers for economy
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A small or niche manufacturer is one that specialises in manufacturing a specific variety of products for a targeted market. These small companies are very consumer-centric, they give their 100% effort to provide value and the best consumer experience to their clients. They are the financial driver..
15 Feb Overlooking smaller Brands
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In this era of fashion, we all love purchasing clothes from multiple brands. We feel that this enhances our style and appeal. However, due to this we tend to ignore small brands, for fear of bad quality or unreasonable pricing. There are definitely multiple reasons behind this, and one of the prima..
15 Jan Home sweet Office
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Two years passed by; the virus variants changed and so did our lives! The severity of the pandemic has made everybody rethink the precious gift of life while forcing us to adapt to everything that followed. The quest of finding a sweet spot between surviving a pandemic while also making a living is..
11 Jan The Epidemic of SALE
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Isn't it always very hard to resist a sale? In every retail store, you find this term written all over with great exclamatory signs just to grab your attention. And they are successful most of the time. I mean, who doesn't want to get a product in less than its original price? We feel triumphant aft..
15 Sep A Marketplace for Indian Goods
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Ever wondered about all those items you buy at home, be it furniture, kitchen appliances, fashion, accessories or decorative pieces. Ever wondered how many of these items are really Made in India? The number is actually minimal, and heres why.According to a survey in 2018, the domination of fore..
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