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Namhya Foods

Food often called RASA in ayurveda, nourishes our senses and body and cannot be treated as carbs, protein, fats in isolation. The sense of belongingness to our plants and nature is intrinsic and idea is to stick to it, naturally the way our grand dads and grand mums did and stayed healthy , peacefully with longer life spans. We create products that will heal your body and soul !

Our Immunity Booster Is An Ayurvedic Blend Of Turmeric, Fresh Coconut Flakes With The Naani And Daadi Superfoods Like Ashwagandha And Moringa.Traditionally Called “Haldi Wala Dhoodh”, We Have Tried To Create A Right Balance Of Ayurvedic Herbs Into This Blend To Give You The Super Healthy Concocti..
₹ 455
Filled With Goodness Of Natural Protein Of Sattu (Powdered Roasted Gram ), Our Instant Breakfast Cereal Is A Right Balance Of Carbs, Protein And Fat For A Wholesome Start Of The Day.with Richness Of The Nuts, Oats And Sattu, Our Cereal Is A No Preservative , 100% Raw, Plant Based Wholefoods Meal Tha..
₹ 420
Excellent Source Of Fibre, Great For Your Skin And A Natural Prebiotic, These Crystals Has It All! It Has Some Amazing Cooling Properties And Often Used To Prepare A Drink Which Helps To Cool The Body In The Summer Season. So For All Your Acne Troubles, Try This! Gond Katira Possesses Purgative Prop..
₹ 425
Namhya Whole Leaf , Super Fine Green Tea Is Made From Unoxidized Leaves And Is One Of The Less Processed Types Of Tea. It Therefore Contains The Most Anti-Oxidants And Beneficial Polyphenols When Compared To The Regular , Pouch Based Semi Powder Green Teas. Infact The More The Whitish Color Of The L..
₹ 350
Arjuna Tea For Heart: The Superfood For Your Heart, It Improves Heart Functioning As It Increases The Oxygen Flow To Heart, Strengthens The Heart Muscles And Increases Platelet Count .It Reduces Extra Fats In The Body, Useful In Urinary Tract Infections, Fractures And Chest Injuries.with Zero Side E..
₹ 230
Paneer Doda Not Only Utilizes The Blood Glucose But Also Repairs The Beta Cells Of Pancreas To Provide Insulin To Our Body In The Right Quantities.The Herb Causes Depletion Of Blood Sugar & Improves Glucose Utilization And Carbohydrate Metabolism, And Also Minimizes The Complication Of Hyperglycem..
₹ 189
With The Goodness Of Almonds, Ragi Cereal, Raisins And Oats, It Is The Perfect Blend Of A Healthy Breakfast. Two Spoons Of The Cereal In A Cup Of Milk Or Warm Water And There You Go! Our Ragi Instant Breakfast Cereal Is A Right Balance Of Carbs, Protein And Fat For A Wholesome Start Of The Day...
₹ 435
Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) Is One Of The Most Highly Regarded And Commonly Used Adaptogens In The Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia. It Is Considered One Of The Best Herbs For Calming Vata And For Revitalizing The Male Reproductive System. Used By Both Men And Women, It Maintains Proper Nourishment Of T..
₹ 190
Our Whole Leaf , Super Fine Kahwa Is Made From Unoxidized Leaves And Is One Of The Less Processed Types Of Tea. With Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, Rose Petals, Almond, Saffron Blended Perfectly , It Will Leave Your Taste Buds With Pleasant Aroma From The Natural Ingredients. Note: Suitable For Diabeti..
₹ 390
Our Spiced Ayurvedic Tea Blend Is Packed With 7 Active Ayurvedic Ingredients – Ashwagandha, Brahmi, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Fresh Rose Petals, Fennel Seeds And Star Anise Hot Water, A Spoonful Of Masala Ayurvedic Tea And Warm Milk Is A Perfect Fuel To Either Kickstart Your Mornings Or Revitalize Your Du..
₹ 345
Poppy Seeds Are An Ideal Food Source And Have Many Great Health Benefits Thanks To Their Large Amounts Of Minerals Such As Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium And Even IronThe Calcium And Phosphorus In Khus Khus Can Play A Great Role In Preventing Bone DamageKhus Khus Is Used To Make Thandai, Curries,..
₹ 319
The Antioxidant & Carminative Properties Of Haritaki Powder - Terminalia Chebula May Support The Healthy Digestion.Haritaki Churna Is Considered As A Time-Tested Remedy For All Digestion Related Issues.The Colon Cleansing Properties Of Haritaki Churn May Remove Toxins From Your Body To Offer Cle..
₹ 119
With The Right Blend Of Ashoka, Shatavari, Lodhra, Ashwagandha And Other Ayurvedic Herbs, This Tea Has The Right Ingredients To Nourish The Hormones And Create An Effective Functioning Of Them. Ashoka For Regular Period Flow, Shatavari For Increasing Estrogen Naturally, Ashwagandha For Immunity And ..
₹ 589
Also Known As Amrita Or Guduchi Or Gulvel Reduces Stress And Anxiety Fights Respiratory Problems Shows Anti-Inflammatory And Anti-Arthritic PropertiesGiloy In Its Natural Form Is Known For Its Immunity Boosting Properties That Help In Enabling The Body To Fight Common Bacteria And Virus Causing D..
₹ 99
With The Right Blend Of Harad(Terminilia Chebula), Milk Thistle, Manjishtha, Pippali And Other Ayurvedic Herbs ,This Tea Has The Right Ingredients To Nourish The Liver And Create An Effective Functioning Of It. Harad (Terminilia Chebula): Helps The Detoxification Of The Liver Milk Thistle: Helps Rel..
₹ 589
The Scientific Name Of Brahmi Leaves Powder/ Brahmi Powder Is Bacopa Monnieri. With A Rich Quotient Of Saponins, Alanine, Alkaloids, Amino Acids, Apigenin, Bacosides, Esters Fibers Etc., This Organic Brahmi Powder Is Suggested To Be The Best Supplement For Brain Health. It Is Also Beneficial To Mai..
₹ 179 ₹ 189
With The Right Blend Of Shankhapushpi, Gotukola, Liquorice And Other Ayurvedic Herbs ,This Tea Has The Right Ingredients To Nourish The Hormones And Create An Effective Functioning Of Them Gotukola For Balancing Thyroid Hormone Levels, Boosts Brain Power, Heal Skin Issues And Promote Kidney And Live..
₹ 549 ₹ 589
Amla Powder, Also Known As Indian Gooseberry Powder Or Emblica Officinallis Is World Known Natural Herb For Hair Conditioning, Making Hair Treatment And Ayurvedic Products. Our Amla Powder Is 100 Percent Pure And Natural Which Comes With No Side Effect.Slows Down Ageing : Amla Is Virtually A Super..
₹ 99
With The Right Blend Of Paneer Dodi, Bitter Melon, Guduchi, Haritaki, Senna Leaves And Other Ayurvedic Herbs, This Tea Helps To Balance The Blood Sugar Levels, Strengthen Immunity, Support Healthy Glucose Levels, Improve Insulin Regulation, Assists In Digestive Issues , Enhance Liver Functions And R..
₹ 589
Shatavari Powder Has Been Used For Centuries To Support Reproductive System And Help In Menstrual Issues. It Also Helps In Hormonal Imbalance And In Issues With Menopause In Also Helps In Digestion..
₹ 229
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