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Pahadi Swad

We are one of the leading cultivators & producers of Pahadi products from the Garhwal Himalayan Belt. Our products are grown in a natural and clean environment, using organic manure. We aspire to provide quality products with recyclable packaging. We work directly with farmers in the Himalayan region to bring you the freshest products, completely organic by roots.

Features: Grown at 1850 meters above sea level in the Himalayan region. Cultivated using organic manure. Dried under sunlight. Benefits: Relieves digestive issues, Helps control blood sugar levels, Treats anxiety, Improves skin health, and Relieves Stress...
₹ 248
Features: Grown in the Uttarakhand region. Hemp seeds are consumed by roasting, tempering in vegetables or make chutney. Benefits: Richest plant source of fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6, Acids found in Hemp seeds can also cut the risk of Heart diseases and lower Cholesterol...
₹ 219
Features: Inspired from Ayurveda, the Haldi-Dood mix is a unique blend of Pahadi-Haldi with Ashwagandha, Ginger, Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Vanilla powder..
₹ 499
Features: Jakhya (Cleome viscosa) or wild mustard is grown in the wild terrains of the Himalayan region. Jakhya is often used for tempering on culinary dishes and gives your food a unique and crunchy taste. Benefits: Consuming Jakhya seeds can help in curing wounds and stomach ulcer. It also helps i..
₹ 249
Natural Haldi from the pristine Himalayan environment. Pure & Natural to build your immunity. ..
₹ 199
Eucalyptus Honey - 500 Gm (Mrp: Rs.350), Turmeric Latte - 200 Gm (Mrp: Rs.399), Chamomile Tea - 30 Gm (Mrp:Rs.249)..
₹ 998
Eucalyptus Honey - 500 Gm (Mrp:Rs.350), Pahadi Turmeric - 200 Gm X 2 (Mrp: Rs.199 Each)..
₹ 548
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