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Indialane Product Standard

Choice is no choice

Today, we are bombarded with so many choices, that we have a choice paralysis. Paid advertisements, illusive deals and tempting offers have broken the connection of

  • What is an unbiased decision and what is a forced choice
  • Selling price of the product and the true value it delivers

As a customer, we have to put a lot of efforts in filtering chaff from grains. In the jungle of option obesity, can there be a common denominator for a good quality product?

At Indialane, each product, depending upon the category, is evaluated on the basis of 3 primary and 4 secondary parameters. This way the entire assortment available at Indialane is filtered through a stringent process so that only a standard quality Indian product is available as an option.

Selection Parameters

Primary parameters – Some parameters are like hygiene factors in a product. Regardless of the product category, these are the basics which we need in any product that we purchase.

Functionality : How does the product fare on basic functionality. For example, a hair dryer is supposed to dry hair. Whether it uses high electricity or low, is a secondary parameter.

Price-Value parity : What is the price of the product (Not the printed MRP, but the price at which we intend to sell the product or the RRP, Real Retail Price) in relation to the value it delivers to the customer.

Customer Feedback : What is the feedback of customers who have already tested, or used the product. In spite of best design, if customer feedback is negative then there is definitely something missing in the equation.

Secondary parameters – These parameters are category specific. For example, aesthetics might be very important in a fashion product, but ingredients will be more important in food category.

Relevance – Is the product relevant in current time, current place, and in the lifestyle of target customers. Certification &

Compliance – Does the product carry mandatory certifications from appropriate bodies and is it compliant to the product standards. For example, If a food product is being sold, does it have the FSSAI certification or not.

Convenience – The ease by which the product can be used. If a product has many features but using it requires an engineer from IIT, then it has lost the case.

Aesthetics – How is the aesthetic appeal of the product.

Competing product comparison – How does the overall product value compare with competition products available for the target customers.

Ingredients – What are the contents/ingredients of the product. Synthetic/chemical based ingredients are not desired in any good product.

Innovation – Is there something new in the product, or in any of the parameters, which delivers an additional value to the customer.

Category wise selection parameters

When any seller intends to sell a product at Indialane, it is not listed on the website directly. The product is evaluated by our experts based on above parameters and only if it meets the desired Indialane product standards, then it is made available to our customers.

Our team has been consistently working on improving the selection process so that whatever you buy from the line of curated products Indialane, you can be sure of one thing, the product as a whole, is the best package available.

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